Chandeliers represent that bit of extra class but when used with Fairy or Festoon Lights they also provide a stunning effect.


Fairy Lights

Fairy Lights are excellent when used tightly grouped, typically 400mm apart in marquees, to create a spectacular ‘starry’ effect at night. They can also be used on fences, borders and posts to provide a level of safety for your guests or just to add some ‘bling’ to an area.



Festoon Lights

These are most effective at night as they provide a subtle yet classy level of lighting. They are typically used in lines to guide people to a venue or a space within it, in a zig zag pattern across a lane or garden, to create a border, offer direction or in tighter groupings to provide a very impressive false ceiling. We can provide individual 20m strings or continuous strings of Festoon Lights up to 120m.


Flood Lights

We use several types of flood lights generally placed at the base of a tree or structure and facing upwards to capture the effect of the light and shadow presented. These are typically used in conjunction with Fairy or Festoon Lights to broaden the area of the function. Of course we have the standard flood lights facing downwards to simply light an area for you & your guests – and we’ll provide the posts if you don’t have them.


Bars and Pallet Furniture 

We have formal wet and dry bars plus a range of pallet bars, seats and tables – refer Gallery.


Other Function Needs 

We can also arrange hire of marquees & furniture, catering, staffing and wedding planning. Plus we have generators for more remote functions, flooring and gas heaters.


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